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Night One of the RNC

Diary of a Republican woman, living in the world today.

     The best word I could use to describe the Republican Convention is exhilarating. From the opening speech by Charlie Kirk to the beautiful words of the father who lost his daughter to a school shooting, this was just one after another way of showing President Trump as a human being. They chose a lot of the most important topics to discuss, while the DNC completely dropped the ball on those enormously important topics. Most important being the repetition of the phrase, “Promises made, promises kept.” There are a lot of things that the media likes to play up, which are some of the name calling of members of Congress and The Senate by the President, but last night they managed to show a very much warmer side of our President. From his very close 37-year friendship with Hershel Walker, which Hershel himself described as a “deep personal relationship.” Hershel went on to say that “It hurt my soul to hear the terrible names that people call Trump.” The hardest hitting things I believe Hershel said were “I take it as personal that people think that I would have a 37-year friendship with a racist.” Hershel Walker humanized a man that so many have decided was cruel, homophobic, racist, xenophobic, transphobic, and whatever other politically correct way to call someone a horrendous human being there are.

    I waited for months for this Convention and I am extremely pleased with the direction that it is taking so far. There was a man, who only said his name was Rick called the C-Span and told the person who answered the phone that he has been a life-long Democrat who is going to vote for Donald Trump, because he was so happy that the Republicans did not leave out the word God from it’s Convention, which is another thing that the DNC did not say. As a matter of fact, they had a few people say the Pledge of Allegiance without the word God even in it. They just decided to leave out the entire part that says “One Nation under God” There were so many things that the Democrats decided to talk about during their Convention, but it was what they did not say, that I believe is going to lose them much of their base. There was no mention of the Riots that are taking place every single night in Portland, Washington DC, Minnesota, and every other State in America. There have been demonstrations or “protests” all over the Country in every State. The ones that are burning down our cities are in the places I named. Forgive me if I missed one or two, it is so hard to keep up these days. Also, the Democrats talked about nothing except how terrible this Country is and how we need someone like Joe Biden, (Bernie Sanders) to reform America by enacting extremist policies. With the amount of people that I have witnessed #Walkaway from the Democrat Party, I have no idea who would even vote for him at this point. Oh right, there are still those NEVER TRUMPERS or brain-dead Democrats, that still believe the lies that the Fake News Media feeds them every night on CNN and MSDNC.

    Unlike the Democrats who decided to conveniently leave out the most devastating things that are happening in this Country, likely because they are being funded primarily by BLM, the Republicans said all of that and then some. The Democrat Rep. Vernon Jones of Georgia made an appearance to show his support for the Trump-Pence Re-election by saying that the “Democrats do not want Black people to leave the mental plantation they have had us on for years.” Rep. Jones also shared with us that “All hell broke loose” when it was known that he would be speaking at the Republican Convention. He told us how his colleagues threatened him, called him an embarrassment, and asked him to resign from his office. The most important of the things that Rep. Jones said was that it was consistent with his Party and how they view independent thinking Black men and woman. There were plenty of Republicans who spoke at the DNC and I am positive that none of them were bullied or tormented by the Republicans the way in which Rep. Jones was by the Democrats. I can just see it now, Nancy Pelosi and the Squad all up in arms, marching towards Rep. Jones’ office and basically, unleashing holy hell on him for supporting the devil, Donald Trump. I think it is safe to say, with complete and total certainty that The Democrats have seriously lost their minds and I mean more than they already had.

    Senator Tim Scott gave a beautiful speech in which he said, “We are not fully where we want to be, but I thank God Almighty that we are not where we used to be.” He also went on to denounce the cancel culture and said that we do not give in to the Radical Left and their insane belief that things are worse today than they were in the 1860’s or the 1960’s. Senator Scott told us directly that the Biden-Harris ticket wants a “cultural revolution and a fundamentally different America.” He also went on to say that they will turn our Country into a “Socialist utopia.” I don’t know about the people reading this, but I can only imagine that you must feel the way that I do, that this has got to be some sort of scary as hell nightmare that we are all going to wake up from very soon. Unfortunately for us though, that is not the case, and this is happening to our beautiful United States of America. It has already started, with the ruining of our cities by these Radical Leftist punks, that throw fireworks at the Police, point heavy powered laser pointers in their eyes leaving them blind or almost blind, setting fire to Courthouses, trampling our historical monuments and statues, and branding all of our streets with the big bright yellow paintings of Black lives matter in huge lettering covering our entire streets.

    You do not see the Republicans, Libertarians, Independents, or Conservatives acting this way and causing mass hysteria across the Country. That is why I believe that this Republican Convention is so vitally important right now. People are getting sick and tired of the lack of Law and Order, leadership by these Democrat ran cities, and the bashing of our President on a multiple time a day basis. This Convention is to show America that if it wants to live the life that our Founding Fathers fought for, than we need to be voting for President Donald J. Trump or we will see the America, as we know it completely disappear. Just the first night of the RNC and I am super enthusiastic about our President and all those that support him. There were many more speeches last night, and I would love to be able to write about all of them, but that would be one very long reading! Instead, I am just giving you some of my favorite parts. Because there are so many to count, I just tried to narrow it down the best that I could. I would have loved to have written about the Cuban born American, who when speaking of what he was told about a Communist utopia, wound up being nothing but empty promises that led Cuba to be one of the poorest Countries. He said that he cried all over the paper to become an American Citizen and that made my heart melt with happiness, because that man knows what he came so far for, and he doesn’t want it taken away by these Liberal Radical criminals. Maybe I will do a special edition Post where I rank all the speeches from last night, but that is of course only if my 3-year old daughter gives me the time to do that. What can I say, that is the life of a Mother! Hope you enjoyed today’s post and will be back for tomorrow for more on night two of the RNC!


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