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The Truth About BLM And the Radical Left

Diary of a Republican woman, living in the world today.

    When Black Lives Matter decided to crawl out from behind the rock they had been hiding behind, they did it at the perfect time in American Society. George Floyd’s death, while being one of the worst things that has happened in recent years to a black man by the Police, it has been hijacked by the leftist Media and Democrats alike. While it was such an unfortunate death, did it really garner the attention it has been given. That answer is no! Though, it was again one of the most horrible things that I have ever seen and given the fact that it caused such an outrage with all people, the Democrats jumped right on it because it fit their narrative and agenda, which is to bring up matters that they deemed important to their cause. The cause I am referring to is the 2020 Election, in which they were scrambling to try and find a way to get Sleepy Joe elected. I mean, does anyone seriously believe that this would have been nearly as headline grabbing had there not been a Presidential Election coming up? The answer unfortunately again, is no. I am sure it would have made the news and been reported on for a while, but like the rest of the news concerning things of this matter would have been cycled through much quicker, like all the rest of the news. Whether George Floyd is black, in my opinion, has absolutely nothing to do with this. After seeing the complete body cam footage, it is tremendously obvious, that George Floyd was acting irrationally from the moment the Police asked him to step out of his car. He was resisting, screaming “I can’t breathe”, and continuously saying aloud “I am gonna die man, I’m going to die.” After refusing to get into the cop car several times, he in fact asked the officers to lay him down on the ground, while continuing by saying “I’m going down man, I’m going down.” He himself decided to lie down on the ground, because in his own words, he kept stating the words I can’t breathe man, I can’t breathe. Now, am I saying that this man deserved to die? No, I am adamant in my belief, that what happened after that was not acceptable. No human being has the right to put his knee into someone’s neck while they are laying on the ground helpless, for as long as he was kept there, which contributed to his death. However, this again is a man that chose to disobey officers’ orders, while acting 100% Irrational.

    While the rest of us saw this as devastating this was a gift to the Democrats, who use people based on Race during every single Presidential Election. This time they had the perfect way to use black Americans help to get Sleepy Joe elected, while accusing all Police Officers of being corrupt, racist, and less than human in the way they treat Minorities. While nothing could be further from the truth, the corrupt Media picked it up and ran with it, while creating a snowball effect, that enraged the Black Lives Matter Movement. From that point on, we have seen complete and utter pandemonium in the stree. ts. The BLM Movement took to the streets to “protest” the killing of an “innocent” black man, killed unjustly by the Police, which is all that really matters to the leftist Media and Democrats. They started rioting in Minneapolis, tearing apart the streets, destroying businesses, and looting. It did not stop there, they also decided to terrorize the people of the community by committing acts of violence against innocent bystanders and police alike. Their main objective quite obviously, was targeting any man or woman of Law Enforcement and causing as much harm as possible to them. The fake News Media, decided to report that this was the only way that these people knew how to express the painful feelings that they were feeling. AOC went as far as to state that they were looting and destroying communities because they are starving and need to steal bread to feed their families. Last time I checked, they weren’t looting and robbing from Shoprite or Stop and Shop, they have been having very organized rioting and looting of stores like, Gucci and other high end stores; Not to feed their families, but to steal things worth lots of money so they could destroy the establishment and bankrupt hard working people.

    BLM and Antifa go hand in hand, they plan these attacks together, while BLM is protesting in the streets Antifa is throwing bricks, explosives, shooting fireworks at police, and blinding officers with high powered laser pointers. When I hear that large tech companies, Google, Facebook, Amazon, and many rich celebrities are condoning this kind of behavior by donating millions upon millions of dollars to this organization; I cannot help but think of what would happen if one of their children just happened to be driving down the street and were ambushed by these “peaceful protesters” would they really be that inclined to support a Movement that attacks innocent people on a daily basis. What if one of their children happened to be the man and woman driving through a BLM protest, that were brutally attacked by a mob of BLM members for absolutely no reason! They pulled this man out of his car, after he crashed it by trying to escape from these people and the man was taken out and beaten severely by these, so called “peaceful protesters.” while the woman was being held back by other members of this Marxist group of individuals. They can be heard telling him, “You ain’t going no where.” And if the man tried to speak, he was punched, kicked, and beaten by these BLM members.

    For me, the most intriguing part of all that has been going on, is the list of demands that have been given in an interview by one of the leaders and founders of BLM that says some of the most insane and racist demands I have ever heard in my entire life. Here’s the link to this Interview, I am sharing this link so people can fact check the information that I am giving you. https://www.dailywire.com/news/black-lives-matter-leader-pens-list-10-demands-amanda-prestigiacomo For the record, I am not just enraged by all of this because it comes from a Movement started by Black Americans, I would be equally as disgusted if this were a Movement that was created by any other Race as well, including White Americans. When something is wrong, it does not matter to me at all the Race or Religion of whoever started it. I would be writing about any group of people that thought it was okay to do what BLM and Antifa are doing,I cannot even bring myself to call them White Americans, when what they want is to destroy the Country that I love and was born and raised in. I would like to keep the freedoms that the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence has afforded me as an American Citizen. I will not be silent and allow this Country and my fellow Americans to be treated like animals, beaten, and forced to do things, such as kneel to another Human being because they feel I should because I was born with “White Privilege.” As a matter of fact, I was not born with “White Privilege” at all. I was born into a family that was poverty stricken, where I ate Mayonnaise sandwiches, boiled water to have hot water to take a bath, used my oven for heat, and grew up in neighborhoods exactly like that of these Marxist Radicals. The only difference between myself and these people is that, I do not choose to blame others for my misfortune. Instead, I decided that was not a way in which I wanted to live, made a choice to better myself, and work hard to have the best life that I can possibly have. I am not asking for handouts or blaming anyone for my circumstances. I am taking responsibility for my life, the way it was, and now the way I have always wanted it to be. It takes hard work and determination to become something better than what I was born into. In other words, I am not a victim, but a survivor, who decided that I would do whatever it took to claw my way out of poverty with determination and personal strength and power.

    America is the Land of Opportunity, where anyone can come from any background and become whatever their heart’s desire. Yes, I am white, I was born that way, which was what God apparently created me to be. I have no “white guilt” or shame for the way I was born. I am proud of the Woman that I am today and REFUSE to allow anyone to try and make me feel like there is something wrong with me. I have been given the same opportunities as everyone else born in this amazing and beautiful Country. The difference is that I am aware that the only way to get ahead in life, whether you are black, brown, white, yellow, orange, purple, or blue is to work hard for what you want and go after it. With all that we face every day, we do not need all this craziness going with the Chinese Virus, we do not need any of this absolute Lefist Marxist bull going on. As if it is not sad enough that Democrats are using these people as their “Victims”; we also have to watch the news everyday and night, where they are showing people rioting in Portland trying to take over a Courthouse, people being beaten for no reason, our Law Enforcement Officers being attacked and blinded, while also listening to CNN and MSNBC lying to everyone, telling us that these are “Peaceful Protests” when they are clearly not. The Democrats will use the BLM Movement or the Black Americans of this Country to further their Radical thoughts, views, and to help them make OUR PRESIDENT look like this evil Dictator!

President Trump is working all day every day, for all hours of the day and night, to protect us from these Radical Politicians as best he can. He has negotiated the first Peace Treaty between Israel and the United Arab Nations; it is the first of its kind in over 25 years. While the Democrats are trying to use everything from human beings, the 25th Amendment, and this Bill, in which, Nancy Pelosi is asking for money for anything and everything except for the Chinese Virus to help the American Citizens; President Trump is doing his job, you know, running the Country. If I do say so myself, Trump is doing an excellent job, despite the Media constantly throwing bombs at him in his Press Briefings, the Democrats trying to undermine him at every turn, and dealing with all of these Foreign Countries, namely China; who would love nothing more than a Biden win, President Trump is going about business as usual. Making and Keeping America GREAT AGAIN! I know that the everyday American must be fed up with all this lunacy, and I hope and Pray that come November 3rd we will be celebrating a Trump Re-election. Our President loves this Country and the people in it. He proves that every day by not lying to us, working his fingers to the bone, and making sure that The United States of America is NEVER taken advantage of again by any other Country, the way that they did through so many other Presidencies. God Bless America and The President of this magnificent Country that we all love so very much!

“The duty of a Patriot is to protect his Country from its Government” -Thomas Paine

One thought on “The Truth About BLM And the Radical Left

  1. dariusmarley says:

    Everything I’m seeing in the USA these days, reminds me of various times within the last 10 years, when the Chinese Communist Party used State-run media to influence its citizens to riot and attack foreign-owned businesses in China.


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