Diary of a Consevative Woman

A place where my thoughts, opinions, passions, and dreams all come together. Hoping I can make this a blog worth reading for everyone with like-minded ideas and thoughts. A place where we don't lose our friends and family for our beliefs! The Silent Majority NO MORE!

“America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves” -Abraham Lincoln

As the American people have been made aware in the last 48 hours, President Trump has decided to bypass Congress, by signing into effect Executive Orders, that will FINALLY give the hard working Americans hit by Covid-19 and all the Lockdowns, a chance to receive the help that they so desperately need. While Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer decided to play around with the lives of millions of Americans, Trump decided that he would no longer sit by and allow the Radical Left to put their interests before that of the American people.

As many of us know, President Trump has now signed into Order the relief packages that the Democrats have been COMPLETELY against putting any effort into, because if they did, it would have helped President Trump and his Re-Election. While all of us on the Right side of Politics understand in more ways than one, the Democrats have done everything within their power to stall on any kind of Bill that would allow the GREAT AMERICANS of this Country to receive the help that they have been waiting for, while their relief was running out. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have blocked all four Bills set in front of them and the leftist radicals, also contributed to that plan at every chance they had, which is why President Donald J Trump had to take the matters into his own hands. He issued four Executive Orders, that will extend the unemployment relief to millions who are not working, protect them from evictions, provide relief from student loans, and suspend payroll taxes for all Americans who make $100,000 or less. While it may not be enough in the long run, it is a start and it was much more than the Democrats were attempting to do.

Obviously, Pelosi and Schumer, along with other Democrats are saying that President Trump has gone too far and made an Unconstitutional decision. I can imagine how they were marching this morning into the Supreme Court to allege Lawsuits against the President. They (Pelosi and the Democrats) are obviously extremely displeased with what the President has done, with Pelosi calling Trump’s decisions “illusions.” The best part of what they have said is that Trump “still does not comprehend the seriousness of the urgency of the health and economic crises facing working families.” As I see it and, I am sure many others see it, our President may be the only one who does understand exactly the seriousness of these matters. While Pelosi and Schumer were trying to add into the Bill that they offered, were to prioritize the issues that had nothing at all to do with the actual well-being of the Nation such as, to ban ID requirements for voters, which we all know would further increase voter fraud in our Elections in November, adding in relief for immigrants, and just plain out stone walling, in an attempt to never come to an actual deal with the Republicans.

While President Trump seemed to be the only person concerned with the impact of Covid-19 on the Americans, he did what he felt was imperative in order to come to a conclusion to helping to keep our American people from being forgotten about and utterly pushed to the side, while the Radical Left, decided that the protection of the Voting ID regulations to further the fraud in our Elections was more important than striking a deal while also anything else that they could slip in to benefit them and their Radical agenda. I, for one am grateful for our AMAZING President and his ability to not allow anything or anyone to stand in the way of him putting America first, the way he has always had and always will.

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