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Living in The Year 2020…

Diary of a Republican woman, living in the world today.

When I was celebrating New Year’s Eve on December 31st, 2019, there was no way I ever could have predicted in my most terrible nightmare’s what the Year 2020 was going to bring. I remember thinking toward the future year to come with such optimism and enthusiasm. It is, after all very exhilarating to look toward the future, and think of all the thrilling things could happen. My daughter was going to turn 3 years old; I was going to be turning 39 in May, there was a brand-new Summer coming, which is my favorite Season. I had such magnificent thoughts of what the incredible New Year would bring. Of all the thoughts I had on my mind that night, none of them included ANY of the horrendous things that were about to happen. It is hard enough to now realize the new normal the world is living in with the sudden emergence of Covid-19, without having to also be terrified of what is happening in our own Country. I am a Republican, but for this piece that I am writing, that really has no bearing. I have been thinking a lot as of late, and what I have realized is that what matters the most, is that I am a human being who loves her Country. Yes, I happen to be a Republican, who believes that Donald Trump is, by far, the best President of my time and maybe all time; However you would have to be living under a rock to be blinded by the complete and total devastation that is happening on a daily basis to our BEAUTIFUL Country. There are people who want to destroy and tear down our way of living. The best thing about the United States of America, has always been that we are the land of the free and home of the brave. We have had many Wars where countless numbers of Americans have gone into battle and never returned home to their Mothers, Sisters, Wives, Children, and Families. It is so unfortunate that there are Marxist Groups who would love nothing more than to obliterate our past and act as if it never existed. There is only one major problem, our past did happen, and while it may not have been the happiest of pasts, it is still now and always will be our past. You cannot just remove Statues, rename Military Bases, blame everyone for what happened, and try to destroy America as you see fit. I have watched for Months, as the American people have been attacked, cities have been burned, our Police have become vilified, our President has been blamed, and all because the extremist left will do absolutely anything to see Donald Trump ran out of office. The Nancy Pelosi’s of the left, AOC, and “The Clique” have been doing anything in their power to dismantle our Government to fit their agenda. They have the leftist Media on their side, who misinform the American people daily, while all along doing it in order to scare the people of our Country. They are telling people that if President Trump wins the upcoming Election, we will all be being ran by a Dictator who does not care at all about American Citizens. Nothing could be more far from the truth. Our President has a love for this Country, that I do not believe I have ever seen in any President. I have done so much research in the past few Months and have had my eyes opened even more than they were before I decided to Walkaway from the Democrat Party.

I am afraid for the future that my Daughter will be growing up in if Trump were to lose this Election. I mean, it is hard not to be afraid when, I see on the Television every day, the violence and disregard for human life that is being acted out for everyone to see, while the leftist Media keeps on calling this Peaceful Protests. Peaceful Protesters do not set fire to Government ran buildings, tear down Federal Statues, throw Molotov cocktails at Federal Agents and Police, burn businesses of hard-working Americans, and beat innocent people on the streets just for wearing a MAGA hat. To say that I am in complete and total amazement would be an understatement. I am so far beyond that at this point, that I would not even know what to call it. As far as I know, being a Republican, I could NEVER imagine that this would ever be tolerated if the roles were reversed. Could you just imagine if Trump supporters were just running around the Country causing devastation and Anarchy all over the streets? No way! A few short Months ago, I would have never even, for one minute, imagined that people would seriously be running around demanding that the Police be defunded. I, for one, do not want less Police on the streets, I want more Police on the streets. As the BLM Movement and Antifa are literally running our streets, making demands, and having them met is the most unprecedented thing, that I as an American has ever seen. Since when do we allow Terrorist Organizations help to change or make Policy in our Country? Never, that is the answer.

Black Lives Matter, is an Organization with a really nice name, that is causing complete and utter annihilation to whoever stands in their way. They are fundraising an astonishing amount of money, but the catch is that, it is not going to the BLM Movement, it goes directly into the hands of the Democrat Party. They are being given an absurd amount of money from Celebrities, Major Companies, Democrats, and all different types of people who have a great influence on the people of our Country. We are being forced to live in fear of what may come of America on a daily basis all because of these people. New York has just defunded its Police by over a billion dollars, and countless other cities and states have done the same. Some have even dismantled the Police altogether. They are demanding reparations due to Slavery and the past that none of us, living today, had anything to do with. As I watch these videos every day and read these countless articles about the damage that has been done and is still being done, the Democrats on Capitol Hill cannot even come up with a Stimulus Package to help the many Americans who have lost their jobs, are about to lose their homes, and have no way of paying their bills, and why? All because it is almost the 2020 Election, and God forbid these Democrats do anything to shed a positive light on the Republican Party or the President of the United States.

What all this boils down to, is that the Democrat Party cares more about getting President Trump out of office than they do about the American citizens. The Republicans have now come to the floor with 4 different Bills that would extend the Unemployment Benefits, give out another round of Stimulus Checks, and place a Payroll Tax Cut in place to help the people of this Country, who are middle to low class. Have the Democrats even bothered to come to the table with yet 1 Bill? No, they have not, and they do not plan too. They are playing games with the lives of hard-working Americans and all because they despise the President. They do not want anything to interfere with their plans to keep moving farther and farther left and in turn becoming extremists, who have an agenda to dismantle life as we know it, and with the help of Antifa and BLM, they may just get what they want. That is why the Silent Majority must remain silent no more. We need to get out there, in NUMBERS and show the Democrats that we will never allow them to do to this Country what they have been trying to do for Decades, if not longer. We need to step up and remind America, that the Founding Fathers created the most remarkable Country based on the Constitution of the United States, and we as a people want nothing to do with their leftist, Marxist, Extremist, and unconstitutional way of life. The best Country in the world, The United States of America was founded on the Capitalism, the freest way of life possible. There is no room for any Socialism or Communism here in the Land of the Free and the Home of The BRAVE!

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