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Insane Law Passed For New Jersey Vaping

Diary of a Republican woman, living in the world today.


I am sure that I am not the only person who is COMPLETELY OUTRAGED by the vote which took place today, which bans all sales of Flavored E-Juices 90 days from the 20th. I for one, was able to quit a smoking habit of 22 Years, with the use of Electronic Cigarettes. I vape Dessert flavors, Sweet Flavors, Cereal flavors, and some fruit flavors. I started Vaping 3 Years ago when I was at my mother’s bedside in the hospital, by myself after she had just been rushed there by ambulance. The Doctor came in and told me that she would be lucky if she made it and that she would most likely have to breathe with the help of a machine if she did. As I sat there completely alone, I remember hysterically crying and thinking to myself, that my daughter, who was only 9 months old, would NEVER EVER have to sit by my side wondering if I would ever wake up, all because of cigarettes. Over the next weeks and months, I watched as my mother had to have a Trachea put into her throat so that a machine could do most of her breathing. I would visit constantly and by miracle my mother wound up getting better and better. Not that a nurse did not stop by to tell me, that if my mother kept on smoking, this was something I should get used too, because if she kept smoking, if she was lucky, she would be in and out of the hospital this way over and over again. Unfortunately, my mother was not lucky and after months of watching her slowly get better, be taken out of her induced coma, put into a rehabilitation facility, and FINALLY come home she passed away as a direct result of COPD when she continued smoking after her hospitalization. Her death, as many of my readers know, killed me. Almost 2 years later, I am still dealing with it and might I say, not well.

I started Vaping to save my life and to ensure that I would be around for my daughter, husband, and family if I could. Obviously, there are things beyond our control that could happen, but I was taking a huge step by not allowing a form of combustible tobacco kill me. I for one, do not understand this ban at all. All Flavored E-Juices will be banned, but what about the hundreds of flavored alcoholic beverages out there? Underage kids, I’m sure are not at all curious about those, and I am sure the current ID system is working 100% for that industry. In case you could not tell, I was obviously being facetious. I mean how well is the ID system working for cigarettes themselves. I would say, NOT WELL. Especially because I would buy my Newport 100’s from a local Krauzers in my town when I was 14. Why this (vaping) and why now? It makes absolutely no sense to me and I am sure hundreds of others why, all of a sudden, the Vaping Industry is coming under attack. I completely understand that we want these products out of the hands of underage children, but the original bill also included Menthol Cigarettes, which was taken out last minute. Why you ask, because it would have taken an almost 200-million-dollar tax revenue out of our State. So, it is just fine and dandy to keep Menthol FLAVORED Cigarettes on the market because our lawmakers do not want to lose such an extreme amount of money taken in by taxes, but perfectly okay to destroy hundreds of Small Businesses. If that does not SCREAM hypocrisy, I do not know what does. All the while just the fact that Cigarettes, which are known to be the cause of 500,000 deaths of Americans every single year, which if you are not good at math is 20% of all deaths of our people each year are being sold in every Convenience Store, Gas Station, and Liquor Store across our State. Yeah, lets just keep those for sale because our economy would take too big a hit if we were to cut out the ACTUAL problem. I mean, for how many years have we known that Cigarettes cause Cancer and many other smoking related illnesses, but I do not see one lawmaker, one Legislator, Governor, Mayor of any town RUSHING to take cigarettes off the shelves at all. There were a few thousand lung related illnesses due to BLACK MARKET THC sales and suddenly, all these Politicians started a frenzy of hysteria, telling the public that Vaping was unsafe and here was the proof. How stupid did these Politicians feel when the CDC itself came out and said that these lung related illnesses and 9 deaths were from teenagers buying OFF THE STREET black market THC cartridges which contained Vitamin E acetate.

To bring my point to an end, I just want to write about the Cigarettes that are definitely 100% killing people because of the facts that we have, and have had for years, but they are not being rushed off the shelves to save Hundreds of thousands of lives, however Vape Flavors are now officially banned in New Jersey while the sales of Cancer Sticks are still out there for anyone to purchase. Vaping, which we really know nothing much about it’s health risks, other than it has stopped Thousands of people from smoking is being attacked and banned so very quickly and the thing we have ABSOLUTE PROOF of, that is Cigarettes cause 20% of all deaths of Americans per year will continue to flourish. If that sounds as crazy to my readers as it does to me, well than I guess we have a serious problem. If something is not done, in 90 Days over 300 Vape Shops WILL CLOSE, and the employees that those shops employ will be out of jobs. It is obvious that something must be done. This is EXTREMELY prejudice against the Vaping Community, Vape Shops, it’s Employees, and us who Vape are having our Civil Liberties trampled all over. The Government is literally telling us ADULTS what we can and cannot put into our own bodies. That is not something that our Founding Fathers ever intended when they put in place what is supposed to be Governed. When our Legislators are backing off of banning Menthol Flavored Cigarettes because it would cause a huge tax hit, but are choosing, instead to sign into law, this insane ban on Flavored E-Liquid, it is not only a punch straight to our faces, but also a false use of their power that will literally Bankrupt our fellow Americans and Small Business Owners. I pray we come together as a State and do whatever is in our power to stop this. I for one have been reading all day about what other States have done to stall this very same legislation and I can only hope that the rest of the Vaping Community, Vape Shop Owners, and E-Liquid Distributors are doing the same.

One thought on “Insane Law Passed For New Jersey Vaping

  1. Debbie Lindsay says:

    I think you are amazing!!!!!


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